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"Oneness, a spiritual organization founded by Sri Amma Bhagavan, seeks to alleviate human suffering at its roots by awakening humanity into Oneness - wherein every individual feels connected to all that is."


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What is the Oneness Blessing?

The Oneness Blessing (also known as Deeksha or Oneness Deeksha) is a non- denominational benediction or transfer of an awakened energy or intelligence which, over time, is designed to bring about the state of Oneness in the recipient. It has often been said that if you take one step towards God, then God will take a hundred steps towards you. We have so many ways to take a step towards the divine: prayer, meditation, chanting — in fact every kind of spiritual practice in every tradition. The Oneness Blessing is one way that the divine can reach out to humanity; it is a gift, a benediction of grace.

There may have been times in your life when the continuous chatter of the mind momentarily quieted or stopped altogether; the usual worries, pressures, and boredom of daily life just fell away, replaced by an inner calm and vibrant joy in the heart; and a sense of connection or oneness with everything.

These experiences happen naturally for many people and vary in intensity from the profoundly mystical to a quiet, ordinary stillness. They can occur at any time but are frequently triggered by external events-- observing a beautiful sunset, the birth of your child, listening to music. Many athletes and artists, for example, report moments of acute awareness and presence. You may have experienced such quiet knowing during meditation or prayer, during a walk in nature, being with someone you love, or simply spontaneously. 

During these brief moments when we become totally present we see things as they really are, without judgment or interpretation, in silence. From this silence arises a deep peace and joy; somehow we have reached a part of ourselves that exists beyond the mind, a place that recognizes and expresses the beauty and simplicity of life. The experience is frequently so profound we are changed forever. 

The Oneness Blessing is a process by which we are re-connected with this quiet, intelligent center of ourselves. 

The experience of causeless joy, stillness, and love is available to us in every moment, but owing to various factors, our life experiences and the unconsciousness of the world into which we are born, this reality has become hidden from our sight; we are identified with the mind and things seem stressful and problematic. We struggle against our life situation, our family, our work environment, and even against ourselves. This creates a sense of separation from everything around us, and from this sense of separation arises fear, confusion, meaninglessness, and loneliness. We experience life as if we were "an isolated fragment in a hostile Universe". The Oneness Blessing is a gentle, precise process of awakening from this state of isolation into an ever-deepening experience of connection with ourselves and the world around us.

The Oneness Blessing is a transfer of divine, intelligent energy. The process works by creating a neuro-biological shift in the brain and awakening certain energy centers in the physical and subtle bodies. This shift in consciousness frees you from the suffering created by the mind, balances the body’s natural healing energies, and attunes the brain with the fields of unity, bringing an end to the illusion of apparent separation. Once you receive the blessing, a gradual awakening process begins that leads you naturally to a lasting state of oneness, inner peace, and well-being. 

What are the effects of the Oneness Blessing?

Those who receive the Oneness Blessing, either one time or repeatedly over weeks or months, report that it impacts their lives in many ways. Most people report a deeper sense of peace and calm in the midst of external change, and a sense of joy or happiness that has no outer cause. People also report health issues clearing up, greater intimacy and harmony in relationship, greater creativity and capacity to make decisions, often resulting in greater worldly and financial success and wellbeing. Ultimately, repeatedly receiving the Oneness Blessing over a prolonged period leads to a profound and direct Awakening into Oneness with all that is.

How is the Oneness Blessing given?

The Oneness Blessing is given by a trained facilitator using a very gentle process to transmit the energy either by laying hands on your head, or merely by intention. The process takes anywhere from a few seconds to a couple minutes, and can be done long distance by phone if necessary, or even by transmittal through photographs.

What happens during the transfer of the Oneness Blessing?

The Oneness Blessing initiates a neuro-biological change in the brain that when complete enables the senses to be free from the interference of the mind. When the senses are unclouded by the mind’s interpretations, a natural clarity of perception occurs with accompanying spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calmness and connection to the oneness in everything.

For more information about this neurobiological shift, please see question #12 below. 

What might I experience during the Oneness Blessing? What do I do during the Blessing?

Subjective experiences during the Oneness Blessing vary enormously from one person to another, and even for the same person, from one Blessing to another. It is sometimes felt very strongly, sometimes in a quite subtle way and many times not subjectively felt at all. It is sometimes blissful, while sometimes buried memories or feelings are brought to the surface, and there may be a temporary experience of discomfort. Some people may experience nothing at all, and only days or even weeks later do they notice any effect. Ultimately all this does not matter so much, for whatever the experience, the Blessing initiates a process which leads to the Awakening into Oneness.

Whatever the subjective experience, the recipient can trust that the process of Oneness has begun, a process designed by Divine Grace for your own nature and uniqueness that will lead gradually (or sometimes spontaneously) into your own Awakening.

Oneness Blessings feel different and unique to each individual. Some people feel rushes of energy in their heads, some see colors, others feel various emotions, yet others fall into various mystical states, and some feel nothing at all. Furthermore, the same person may have different experiences from one blessing to the next. Often, the effects of the blessings are not fully experienced until hours or days after the blessing is received. It is important to realize that the intensity or kind of subjective experience that one has is not an indicator of one person's blessing being any better or worse than someone else’s, or their own previous blessings. The important effect is the change in overall life experience over the course of receiving blessings and over the course of your life.

There is nothing for you to do, nothing is asked of you. The blessing cannot force itself on you and serves only to open a connection with the divine forces of love, intelligence, and grace. It is important to note that the facilitator has no intention of his or her own as to how the energy should work in your life; they are merely a conduit for the divine to act according to its own intelligence, providing you with exactly what you need in terms of your own evolution. It may be helpful to spend a few minutes in silence, meditation, or prayer before and immediately after receiving the blessing; in this way the mind is less cluttered with thoughts from the day, and you are more open to the flow of grace.

Experiences during the transfer vary and can be strong and obvious or subtle and not so apparent. Sometimes the receiver may experience a tingling sensation in the head, a feeling of blissful energy flowing through the body, or you may in fact not feel anything at all; this is not so important. The receiver can trust that no matter what he or she experiences during the transfer, a process specific to your own nature has been initiated that will lead you gradually (or sometimes suddenly) into your own, personal awakening. Having particular or “spiritual” experiences during the blessing is in fact not relevant and in no way should you be concerned if you do not feel something specific. 

Most people have experiences of newfound inner peace, joy, harmony, freedom, clarity, self-awareness, balance and/or oneness with life. In some cases, people also have experiences of spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness, universal oneness or deep realizations about oneself, the universe, and some even reach God-realization. There are also cases in which some people feel little or nothing. Generally speaking, it takes a series of transfers until one begins to truly feel the effects of this energy. People often have enlightenment experiences and these are meant to lead to a permanent state of enlightenment. While there is no formula for this process, generally speaking, the first few blessings are aimed towards clearing energy blocks so this new energy can be received, the next few blessings then begin a process of cleansing and purification. The following blessings then help to move one into a higher state of being. 

How does the Oneness Blessing create change or transformation in people’s lives? What are its benefits?

Once the Oneness Blessing is received, a process begins whereby you become gradually awakened. It is actually a biological process in which each transfer helps to awaken certain neuro-pathways and crucial energies related to enlightenment. Other pathways related to the sense of separation, which are considered the primary reason for our suffering, become greatly reduced. 

The state of separation is the common experience of human beings. In this reality, the oneness of life is not seen and instead all things, events, and people are experienced as separate and non-connected. From this perspective, such qualities as competitiveness, pride, dominance, the need to control, loneliness, neediness, insecurity, confusion, boredom and feelings of emptiness arise. Each transfer will help a person to move from the sense of separation towards a sense of connectedness and oneness with other people and eventually with all of life. One begins to realize a deep state of happiness, joy, and peace that is naturally arising and free from conditions. 

Does everyone receive the same effects? What does it depend on?

Each person will undergo a unique process. The degree of transformation that is received is different for everyone. It depends partly on the openness of the receiver, but mostly on the intelligence within the energy that knows what is best for you. For example, you may wish for lasting peace in your life, however what would actually serve you higher is to first experience previously unmet or undigested pain—that was caused to you by another or caused by you to another. Or you may wish for a deeper, more conscious relationship with your life partner, however it is shown to you that you must first forgive the pain that was caused to you by your mother or father, etc. The intelligence which underlies the Oneness Blessing, the Divine Presence, knows what it is you need to take the next step in your own evolution. The Blessing thus serves as a vehicle to connect you with such intelligence and presence. 

Having a strong background in prayer or meditation or another spiritual practice may be helpful in this process, however sometimes a strong spiritual background comes with solid concepts which can actually block one's degree of openness. Many people with virtually no spiritual background have received beautiful states quite easily. For example, in the villages of India and Africa or areas where the people are not highly educated, deep experiences of oneness broke out as a major phenomenon with many villagers receiving the state in only one or two blessings. Ultimately, the most important qualities on the side of the seeker are openness, gratitude, and sincerity. 

Who can receive the Oneness Blessing?

Anyone of any age may receive the Oneness Blessing, including children and babies. It is not necessary to attend the Oneness University in order to receive the Blessing or its corresponding benefits. Along with human beings, the Oneness Blessing may also be transferred to animals and other living matter. 

Who can give the Oneness Blessing?

The Oneness Blessing can be transferred by one who has received the transmission and training during a special process now offered around the world, including in the US. Such people are referred to as Oneness Facilitators or Oneness Blessing Givers. These ones then work, as an empty vessel, through which this energy may transfer to the recipient. 

Does the Oneness Blessing belong to any religion or require any particular beliefs, rituals, or behaviors?

No. While the Oneness Blessing emerged out of the cultural and religious context of ancient India, it does not adhere to any religion, any particular belief system, or to any spiritual path. In fact, it has been said by the founders of the Oneness University that this shift in consciousness is not a religious or spiritual process at all, but rather one of neurobiology. 

The Oneness Blessing brings about changes in the energy in the brain, which gradually enables the senses to be free from the interference of the mind. When the senses are unclouded by the mind’s interpretations, a natural clarity of perception occurs with spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calm, and intimacy with all that is. All of these changes occur independently of belief, faith, or philosophy. 

The Oneness Blessing is given every day all over the world by people of all different races, religions and spiritual practices. It has been embraced by Christian Bishops and priests, by Muslim Imams, by Buddhists, Hindus, secular humanists, and agnostics. Each has found that the Oneness Blessing enhances their particular religious faith (or world views) and experience. It is not necessary to change your religion, or to adopt any new philosophy, behavior, or practice to give or to receive the Oneness Blessing.

The Oneness Blessing does not belong to any religion or belief; it is a “dogma free” universal energy that can be received by anyone, whichever path they choose to follow. It works uniquely and intelligently to connect you directly with the truth of your own being.

It has been said that, contrary to conventional thinking and perspectives, religion and spirituality have nothing to do with enlightenment, nor even spirituality, per se. It is a purely neuro-biological phenomenon. Once enlightened, your guiding light will come from within yourself, and you will reconnect with the essence within whatever religion or spiritual tradition you belong to or don’t belong to. Many report that after a series of Oneness Blessings they come to understand the essence of their religion or spiritual practice for the first time. Christians come to know Christ and the qualities he brought into this world; Muslims come to know the mysteries of Allah; Buddhists come to a direct experience of emptiness and Buddha-nature; Daoists come to non-conceptual apprehension of the Daodejing, etc. 

How and why did the Oneness Blessing come about at this time?

It is widely accepted that our planet and our species is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions. You need only glance at a newspaper or television to see the immense changes that are occurring at this time. Many eminent authorities agree that we must pass through a quantum leap in the evolution of collective consciousness, or possibly perish. Our planet, and all of humanity, is currently undergoing a major evolutionary transformation. This is impacting our environment, our social structures, and our individual and collective consciousness. 

The Oneness Blessing has become available at this particular time as an aid to our evolution into the collective state of Oneness. Many spiritual traditions, both classical and indigenous, have spoken of a shift of consciousness that would make itself available at this time in human history, as necessary for the next phase of our personal and collective evolution. 

What is this neuro-biological shift that is said to be catalyzed through receiving the transfer of this energy?

This area is one of the most complex, controversial, and fascinating aspects of the Oneness Blessing, and one that the scientific community is currently exploring. The founders of the Oneness University, along with the young guides who conduct the University’s courses, have seen that one’s state of consciousness is a direct result of the flow of certain patterns of energy within the various parts of the human brain. 

In short, the Oneness Blessing is said to initiate a shift in the brain which reduces activity in a portion of the brain known as the parietal lobe—in particular in the right parietal area. Dr. Andrew Newberg, from the University of Pennsylvania, and others have conducted a tremendous amount of research on persons in deep states of prayer and meditation. 

Further, the Blessing has been seen to increase activity in the frontal lobe, in particular in the chronically under-active right portion of the frontal lobe. 

The Oneness Blessing shifts energy from chronically overactive thinking centers of the brain to under-active frontal lobe calming centers. This “re-wiring” of the brain enables the senses to become free from the interference of the mind. When the senses are unclouded by the mind’s interpretations, a natural clarity of perception occurs with accompanying feelings of joy, inner peace, connection, and Oneness. These feelings are causeless in nature and not a product of any particular experience or life circumstance. 

This experiencing of reality as-it-is, which has been described in many spiritual traditions, is often referred to as the “natural state.” The Oneness Blessing provides a doorway to such state, which involves an experience of reality through the senses without the normal filters of the mind and its conceptual overlays. Spiritual literature is full of descriptions of these kinds of shifts, however what is important is for you to have this direct experience in your own being. While reading about these states can provide a certain degree of inspiration and longing, it is your direct experience of them that will create the personal and planetary shifts that are being called for.

It happens through means of a transfer of energy known as the Oneness Blessing, which is programmed by the divine presence to re-pattern the structure and physiology of the brain. Once this process completes itself, a person finds himself or herself in a permanent state of enlightenment. This is not necessarily a mystical state, but simply a state of experiencing reality as it is, without the limiting filters and conditioning of the human mind. 

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This word “enlightenment” or “awakening” is mentioned quite frequently these days in religious and spiritual circles. What is it really? Is enlightenment actually possible in this day and age for normal, everyday people?

The great spiritual traditions have defined enlightenment in many ways over the last few thousand years. Simply stated, enlightenment is the dissolution of the sense of a fixed, separate self. Once we realize that our concept of the self is an illusion, we become capable of experiencing ourselves as a flow of consciousness that is no longer subject to the limits and conditioning of the mind. And yes, it is possible in this day and age. 

Another way to understand enlightenment is that it represents the natural way of experiencing reality, as it is, through the senses, without the continual filtering of the mind. When we look at a rose, for example, do we truly see the rose? Or is this pure sensory experience being filtered by the mind and its chatter—“oh, what a beautiful rose,” “I wonder if I might pick it,” “I remember the time I gave my partner a rose and she hated it,” “My mother used to love roses.” Most of our experience is clouded by self-referencing which prevents us from perceiving the nature of reality, empty of our own concepts. As you deepen with the blessings, you may find a radical shift in your perception of yourself and of the phenomenal world. There is nothing “mystical” about this perception, but rather it is the natural state of affairs for an awake human being.  

Let go of all expectations. You cannot achieve enlightenment through your own efforts no matter how hard you try. And if it is your time, you will be enabled to receive this gift no matter how hard you think you can resist. All you can do is to open your heart and say ‘yes’ to the experience. Let the blessings and the divine energy do the rest. The universe will respond in perfect timing.